Sunday, March 7, 2010

National Ag Day March 17th - We'll celebrate in Denver at Noon at the Capital!!

Many of us as individuals will be there - to help our legislators remember how important ag and property rights are to the State of Colorado and the nation!

From the Farm Bureau: 

National Ag Day celebration on Mar. 17th at the Capitol in Denver. The Ag Day celebration will coincide with the Senate Judiciary committee meeting in which the committee will consider HB 1188 the ‘Right to Trespass’ bill.

This will be a great event in which to celebrate Colorado Agriculture and also to defend it against legislation like HB 1188.

When: March 17th 2010, 12:00pm
Where: Capitol Building West Steps, Denver
Why: To celebrate National Ag Day and to help kill HB 1188.

The press conference will take place on the West Steps as 12:00 and will finish at 12:30. Legislators will be provided a sack lunch immediately afterwards and this will be an opportune time to connect with your legislator and talk about HB 1188.

The Judiciary Committee will convene at 1:30 in the Old Supreme Court room and we need as many cowboy hats and farm caps in the audience as possible!

Some County Farm Bureau’s are organizing bus trips to take members to and from the Capitol on the 17th. Buses will be leaving from around the state so members will have to drive as little as possible to meet the bus. Please contact your regional manager for additional details and to find out which bus departure will be closest to you.

Richard Connell- (970) 216-2041
Tony Hass- (719) 680-0619
Ron Brink- (303) 386- 6849
Jayde VanCleave- (719) 648-7947
Dana Thompson- (970) 227- 1783

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Our youth is our future
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